Well, I guess I’m going back to blogging…

So, a random desire to go back to blogging has risen in me. So here I am.

Not gonna make any promises about how frequently I’ll use this, but I’m certainly hoping not to repeat my previous failure of a blog (myjourneyonpaper.blogspot.com), where I promised frequent posting. I made 5 posts on it, over two years ago, and I feel like I just used it to scream at the world, like a long Facebook rant, but worse. (I think I even acknowledged this in the blog itself).

This blog, hopefully, will be much different. Time will tell…

I have alot of things to say, and hopefully I can find the time to say them, without taking away from my studies (for lack of a better way to say it).

Speaking of which, remind me to tell you about the senior year program I’m in this year. It’ll be a fascinating read.

I’m gonna go back to the LinkedIn profile I was making (which prompted me to start a more professional blog, by the way).


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